Ace Combat 5 Joystick Drivers

Please read the README file for proper installation. Press 'Show More' for Links. I have recompiled the 32bit drivers for the Hori/Namco Ace Combat 5 Flight Stick that was originally intended for PS2. The drivers are tested and working on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Downloads: Download (Windows 7 64 bit only): Download (Windows 8.x 64 bit only): Download (Windows 10 64 bit only): Original 32 bit and Source (Known to work with Win 7 32bit): Visual Studio 64 bit Source (Outdated, request in comments for update): Notes: -These drivers may not install properly on certain OEM versions of 64 bit Windows because they are not digitally signed and the work around for this only works with pure unmodified Windows. An example of an OS that might not work: (Windows 8 Bing Edition). -These drivers will only work with the Hori Flight Stick 2 for the PS2, The Flight Stick EX2 and Flight Stick 3 are not compatible.

Some other more rare versions of these flight sticks such as the Flight Stick 1 and the Flight Stick 2 for Xbox (white and green) have not been tested. Latest Country Music Mp3 Free Download.

Those of you who still have the old Hori Ace combat 5 'Flightstick 2' laying around might want to keep reading. For over 11 years now ONLY 32 bit Windows drivers have been available for this USB HOTAS joystick. But finally you can rest knowing that keeping those old joysticks around might just pay off,. Call me cheap if you want, but I really like my old HOTAS that came in the PS2 Ace Combat 5 bundle. It's basically a Saitek X-45 with some of the functions not working. I was able to find a driver for it that would allow me to use it with my sims on the PC (running windows XP) and have been doing so for.

First off i had this game on the PS3, the game is NOT like past Ace games, Its a full blown action arcade game, which im cool with. But I bought it on PC because i sold the PS3 and i do miss the game lol. BUT playing this game with a joystick is just crazy. It has very limited binding options and no mouse free look that i know of. Also playing on joystick you may find it very hard to control as its a full blown action game and not very Sim like. You will be moving all over the place lol Best way to play this game is with a 360 pad. Just thought i let you Sim guys/gals know before hand.

Originally posted by:What kind of joysticks are you guys using? Stickmuster Download Adobe. My MSFF2 works great with this game after disabling force feedback in registry. Very responsive and no dead zone. I was using an X-52pro. Really, though?

Just disable force feedback? Will get a limp stick if I don't disable force feedback in Windows registry. That is the about the only problem I experienced with the MSFF2.

Rumble works with force feedback on though, but I don't like the limp feel of the stick when there's no rumble. Originally posted by:I don't get why this game centers you when you try to do a full flip, it's like it some auto-stabilizer that forces you to level out and ends up forcing you to miss your target. All of you guys experienceing this problem and hating it being 'arcade action' just need to change the control scheme to original instead of optimum then it flys like a jet sim should fly. I havent played an ace combat game in years so I cant speak on the rest of the features but as far as the arcade action control scheme goes that can be done away with. Its the first thing I did after installing the game. Edit: I see alot of you guys talking about how there is no deadzone adjustment which I can def see being a problem with a joystick but if you are using the keyboard (what I use) simply changing the scheme to original instead of optimum like I mentioned above makes a big difference in th realism area.

Ace Combat 5 Joystick Drivers