On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 02:40:08 +0000, jackshield wrote: >yes, and have the symbols 2000 cd, but wanting to expand library, starting new job april 9, lots of electricals in bad shape, not sure what i am going to need, trying to be prepared Your best place to start is your national standards body's electrical standard. It is not a good idea to use something unless it conforms to your national standard - I am referring to bodies like ANSI, BS, DIN, AS/NZS, and the like). -- Regards, Ian A. White, CPEng. / / WAI Engineering /_ / Sydney 2000 / / Australia www.wai.com. Telecharger Patch Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Ps3 Vs Xbox. au mailto:ianwhite@wai.com.au callto://waiwhite on Skype.

On Sun, 1 Apr 2007 17:09:22 +0000, jackshield wrote: >the standard will pretty much be determined by the company and the engineers and maintenace department thereof, since i have nt started yet, not quite sure what their standard will be, just trying to be prepared Unfortunately there are many instances where ignorance of standards see some rather horrendous examples of so-called 'standards'. Visual Foxpro Serial Communication With Arduino. I have had companies insist on using valve and electrical symbols for the wrong type of component. The most common are mixing the symbols for ball and globe valves, and then for electrical switchgear, it is just open season where there is nothing that is 'standard'. The worst examples are control symbols on P&ID's. These can lead to major cost problems when they are misinterpreted because the person using the finished drawing is not aware that the incorrect symbols have been used.

Everything works well until someone doing the installation or procurement follows the formal standard because the drawing does not have the mongrel symbols identified and incorrect components are purchased or installed. Such mongrel standards become entrenched because of ignorance in the first place, but then it is just pig headedness and not wanting to admit they were wrong that sees them become truly entrenched. -- Regards, Ian A. White, CPEng. / / WAI Engineering /_ / Sydney 2000 / / Australia www.wai.com.au mailto:ianwhite@wai.com.au callto://waiwhite on Skype.

Hi Laura, If you don't need a full featured electrical package, you should be able to find a variety of electrical controls symbols based on the JIC standard in the Autodesk Design Center. If you type 'dc' followed by enter at your command line, it should pull it up. If you choose the 'DC Online' tab and then scroll down to the '2D Electrical' section, you will find various electrical symbols that were taken from our AutoCAD Electrical package. If you would like to know more about AutoCAD Electrical, please visit www.autodesk.com/autocadelectrical or send me your contact info to scott.reese@autodesk.com.and I can have your local reseller get you some information. I hope I got this to you in time to be of help. Thanks, Scott Product Manager - AutoCAD Electrical wrote in message news:4947936@discussion.autodesk.com. Does anyone know where I can download free electrical symbols for a schematic?

Autodesk Electrical Symbols DownloadsAutodesk Electrical Symbols Downloads

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