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Remotedesktop Microxp 0.82. As of today, is live on Sony's PlayStation 3 in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand. Next week, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal will follow.

You can download the free MUBI application from the and start watching movies you rent individually or opt for a 30-day subscription. We'll also be hand-picking films, a few at a time, that we want to show you for free. MUBI Founder and CEO spells out all the details at the PlayStation.Blog.Europe — and he's got another announcement as well. On November 20, to coincide with the world premiere of, we'll be presenting, for free, the omnibus film (with contributions from the likes of,,, and ) reflecting on the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution. And as Efe adds, 'this online premiere is just the beginning of the unique cinema events we'll host on MUBI!' Out of 17000+ movies we have about 450 available here in Denmark? Out of the 450 it seems that less than 50% have danish subs?

This was rather hyped and to be honest I was really looking forward to MUBI. Right now I’m just soooo dissapointed.

My biggest problem is, that we don’t even have acces to the DANISH-produced material. Why cant i watch Submarino? Its in Danish for christ sake! I know MUBI is about independent movies and all, but seriously? Out of the Top 400 best rated movies here on MUBI only 8 8 E-I-G-H-T! Are available here in Denmark! Right now i can’t see myself recommending this to anybody.

Comment Installer Mubi Sur Ps3

I would love to pay to watch stuff from Miyazaki, Kubrick, Nolan, Tarantino – just to name a few. To me MUBI on PS3 is a major dissapointment.

Hi Wandering and Phibulus. As I said above your comment, there are two parts of MUBI, the library of films available to watch, and a database that’s for the social network, for interacting with, and for information. So the 400 choice titles are not a “limited” selection but the full, constantly growing curated library of independent, international and classic films. Pibulus: you can indeed use the PS3 browser instead of the application (and users not in the launch countries can do this now), but the application is easier to use and streamlines the interface. Daniel Kasman wrote: “You are confusing the library (WATCH) with the database of titles (DISCOVER). Please see my response above to that issue.” I think the MUBI PS3 application is largely at fault for causing this confusion, because it doesn’t clearly tell that DISCOVER is actually a database and a separate entry from WATCH. In the application, when I move the cursor to WATCH, it states “Browse all of the films available to watch in the MUBI library” but when I move the cursor to DISCOVER it states “Browse through the entire MUBI library”, so both entries mention the word ‘library’ and it’s logical to think that they mean the same library, but then “Why two entries to the same library?”, I’m thinking.

I press X to go to WATCH page on which reads “see all films available to watch on MUBI in your region”, therefore I’m thinking “Ahha, predictable, here in Finland we have only 472 films available out of all those 17000 or so titles. I think I’ll drink myself to oblivion.” I think that the PS3 application needs some clarification because the wording now is a bit vague and seems to cause misunderstandings. Make it clear on the menu that DISCOVER is simply a database of movies and that the majority of those titles can’t be rented through MUBI.

Interesting application. I can’t remember having heard of MUBI before (I wasn’t really interested in online movie rental before), but I like the fact that there’s so much more variety in movies compared to Xbox Live’s Zune movie service, at least here in Finland. I’m not interested in social networks and IMDB provides a good database so it’s the films available on MUBI that I’m only interested about. How often do movies get added to the service? And how many are added at the same time?

When can I expect to be able to rent any one of the films on your database;-) Looking forward to MUBI and what it has to offer.