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Download File Explorer For Nokia 2690

Initially, my nokia 2690 was able to stream all of videos on youtube and other websites. But a few days earlier, it has started giving an error message 'File format not supported' for almost all videos while streaming. I don't think that there might ad something wrong with the streaming settings as it still streams few of the videos from the internet. I use built in opera mini browser that takes of directly to the built in music player for streaming. My phone software version is 10.10. Well, the simple answer may be that the flash content of the websites have been upgraded.

YouTube has been upgrading to Flash 10 over the last few months, and AFAIK the latest for your phone is Flash Lite 3.1 which is equivalent to Flash 9. Download Borang 1 Azam Niaga. You'll have to wait for the Flash update to be able to stream again.

Alternatively, you can download the YouTube app from Ovi Store so you can watch from that particular site again. If you find my post helpful please click the green star on the left under the avatar. Hi mate, have you checked if there are any firmware updates available for your device, via checking via Nokia Suite on your PC? If there are any updates, please update to the latest version offered. Failign that, you can try Restoring your phone to factory settings.

If that doesn't work either, then i would also check that you still have the correct network carrier settings, and data plan settings, and that your data plan with your network carrier is still activated. Also check the condition of your SIM card as that may be an issue. Failing that, you may need to take your phone to your local Nokia Care for inspection.

Such a problem can easily be resolved on Nokia phones. If a SD card is blocked due to the fact that you have lost or forgotten its password, you can easily trace back the password.

First, you should get to its File Manager or the Application Manager. Under the Settings feature, you will have to look for the MMCSTORE file. It will normally be found in the System folder. Look for it and send it to your computer by using your PC Suite. You can get it transferred via bluetooth or a USB cable.

As soon as you have it on your PC, right click and select Open with. Select opening it with the Notepad application. This is where you will obtain the specific password that you are requiring. Advent 7106 Drivers Windows 7.