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Freddie Gibbs Madlib Pinata DownloadFreddie Gibbs Madlib Pinata Download

No where in the conversation was it about the music being good or bad. My very first comment was about the music being dope so there for I already said it was good music faggot. Why the fuck are you arguing about the music being good when clearly I felt the music was good from the start thats why I wrote two comments about it being good in the first place bitch. Your comments are the exact definition of a moot point dumbass. Your mad because I said a few songs were meh (which is true) after saying the album was dope and ten of the songs were “damn near a flawless victory”. Your this upset over me saying a smaller portion of the album was meh cause your a bitch. I say the album was dope and your mad cause I used the word dope instead of good?

Thats bitch shit on another level of bitch shit. I’m not upset at all. Like at all at all.

Here you can download freddie gibbs and madlib pinata album shared files: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Pinata 2014 320kbps.rar Freddie gibbs and madlib.

This in no way effects me whatsoever. You on the otherhand are increasingly emotional with all the name calling and other logical fallacies you pretend helps your argument (in reality only hinders it). How does it feel to be controlled by an anonymous blog commenter? I trolled you into raising the comment count for fun because i know you cant stop and agree to disagree.

And for the record i dont like when people compartmentalize music into subgenres, it perverts the perception of the music. THATS what we we’re talking about HERE (the other thread is about madlib being the GOAT).

I’m disappointed marty, i thought you could follow a conversation. Maybe its disqus’ fault for putting our comments in non-chronological order? Either way youre acting like a full blown emo bitchass.

It “sounding underground” is not a pigeonhole label. If thats the way it sounds then it is what it is. It either sounds underground or it does not in terms of this particular project produced by Madlib of all people, Smh. Am I unfamiliar with his music?

No I gave no indication that was the case or else I would’ve just said so. The fact is I own most the mans music on CD so therefore I have an in-depth knowledge of his music which further allows me to say with confidence that he is no where close to being the greatest producer of all time. He’s dope but he aint even top 5, this nigga couldn’t even fuck with Black Milk, let alone the Just Blaze, Dr Dre, Kanye West and Dj Premier etc As far as you talking about whether the music was good? Thats the prime example of what you like to say is a moot point. NOBODY EXCEPT YOU ever made a comment about it being good or bad. YOU repeatedly made a comment about that as if it carried some kinda point in this.

If somebody says the music is dope then its no need to say its good idiot. That has already been made clear. When NOBODY other then you made any type of comment about whether or not it was good in the first place then its no need to continuously make the same pointless comment. Is Madlib the GOAT? NO, why because you have to be a certain kinda idiot to even suggest such foolishness.

ANYBODY with even the slightest knowledge of Hip Hop culture would clearly say NO he is not the greatest. That includes even the most hardcore Madlib fans (other then you cause your probably a Madlib faggot) and that includes Madlib himself because if somebody asked him if he’s the greatest im sure he would say fuck no. Given the easily researchable history of hip hop culture and the several producers who have put up multiple certified classics that not only impact, influence and progress the culture, and also stretch beyond just the underground, its no way that opinion is even debatable.

The answer to whether or not Madlib is the greatest is clearly NO cause anything otherwise is delusional or just plain stupid. Now you keep saying your trolling, and? Ok so not only does that make you even more of a fukboy but the fact that you logic, hip hop knowledge and overall common sense, has been completely destroyed and you invite it suggest that you are happy being a complete idiot. Put a gun in your mouth, pull the trigger and take your life immediately. Good day sir •. Again fools, you have underground and mainstream and this is underground (which there is nothing wrong with that so your point about it being good music is moot point since I clearly said it was a dope album).

If your gonna say that beats from Madlib is somehow a middle ground?smh Then its still underground. The term “underground” in Hip Hop of course refers to the sound but also it refers to what is “under” the mainstream radar or what caters to people on the outside of mainstream Hip Hop. This album is underground or underground sounding. Action Bronson is underground or underground sounding, Ab Soul is underground sounding regardless of how mainstream you view him as. Big Krit is probably a little more mainstream. This album doesn’t take a rocket scientist to hear that its obviously underground sounding. NO bitch, your mad because I said his music is dope and most of the album is dope and the album overall his dope but your fucking upset because I didnt say it was “good”?

Look idiot, if I says the music is dope and Madlib is dope as a producer then thats saying its good dumbass. Just cause im not making some far out bullshit claim about how Madlib is the GOAT or the greatest now or whatever bullshit you trying to say, doesn’t mean I didnt think the music was good. Clearly I did fool. I went so far as to list ten songs and elaborate on them being dope you fucking dickrider.

If I been hitting the snooze button on Madlib (which I have not), who’s fault would that be? Im I supposed to jump for joy every time he puts some shit out? If you wanna wait til you die to ask Dilla who he thinks is the best producer then you can do that but if you tell me to go look at Madlib’s discography and I say go look at Premier’s then im not just basing that on who Dilla would’ve said is dope. Im basing that on dope work period and a list of classics thats probably number in triple digits at ths point. If you think Madlib is better then the producers I named then so be it but I dont.

Me not thinking Madlib is the GOAT of all hip hop producers is not my fault. Lootpack Quas (all three) Yesterdays New Quintet (played all instruments live, himself) Madvillain Shades of Blue Champion Sound Seeds In Search of Stoney Jackson Liberation OJ Simpson Mind Fuzion 1-5 Beat Konducta 1-6 Medicine Show 1-THIRTEEN Pinata thats just off the top of my head i seriously doubt youve taken the time to listen to all this music. Based on your opinion of pinata.

Its clear you skimmed the lp with your dismissive vocab. “the other tracks is meh.” most likely youve grown accustom to the sounds theyve force fed, so when something like this comes about it doesnt compute through your neural pathways. Fool I said ten songs off the Pinata album was “damn near a flawless victory” and I said the album was dope. How much more positive would you like me to say? I said some songs was meh but I also said the album was dope. Im just not dickriding the shit like its the illest shit on the planet. I could make lists of projects that legendary producers made too and not only would they also have multiple dope songs but some of those projects would be the foundation to what some of the sounds of hip hop are and some of them would be clearly evolution points in hip hop that changed almost the entire direction of the culture as a whole so you making a list of Madlib shit aint impressing me or doing much to make your argument any stronger.

I could make a list of Dj Premier shit that would clearly outdo that list but since you his music already (like I’ve been up on Madlib since like forever) then I dont need to. Who told you I haven’t listened to Madlibs music?

I bought and own most of the shit you listed and I’ve definitely have heard the shit he released in the last 5 years so thats why I have the opinion I do. Most of the music your talking about from Madlib, I went out and bought from the record store and own a hard copy of and alot of it is just meh.

Its not bad but its not like its that fire either. The shit is a chopping and sampling and some of it is interesting but you acting like its the fucking illest shit ever and its just not. Its just cool. Alot of people dont even know Madlib exist and when you play people his music they say its meh or its cool but thats about it.

Premier’s drums at this point are damn near the foundational sounds of what boom bap is in hip hop culture. If Premier’s drums are corny then Madlibs is cornier cause his drums are so lightweight at times they have little to no head nod effect. Meanwhile Premo put so many classics up with those drums, he could do an instrumental concert all night and people would lose their minds. Not so much •. YES BITCH YES.

You talk about the last 5 years of Madlib? In the last 5 years ALC has put out The Antidote (Fashawn), Gutter Water & V&A (Gangrene), Covert Coup, 360 Waves, Lord Steppington, and a bunch of other beats here and there that are better then Madlibs shit.

Same with 9th Wonder but I;ll give him and Madlib a even rating even though I feel 9th has better beats. I shouldn’t even have to speak on Kanye West cause the moment I said he has made better shit then Madlib you should’ve STFU from that point based on common sense.

Marty did you just say ALC and 9th are better than Madlib!? I think it is obvious now LOL!

ALC has been putting out rather bland ass beats, not to mention Lord Steppington was mediocre at best, I would say fundamentally basic. It is your opinion, however it is not based on fact.

It would be like saying Chance is better than Kendrick, people would snarl at that type of comment, and say the exact same thing I am saying now. A good opinion, but that is all it is because Chance cannot hold a candle to Lamar, Like 9th or ALC can’t to Madlib. Ben Pridmore How To Be Clever Pdf Converter.

To say they are better than Madlib, is like saying they are better than Dilla, because they both have the same musical progression and patterns in their work. If I said they were better then Dilla?

You think I couldn’t show evidence of songs that are hip hop classics for the producers that I claim are better? So that would mean its more then just my opinion and that there is some evidence that backs its up. If I say ALC is better then Madlib and Dilla, trust me ALC has enough music out to where I could make that case.

I wont say he’s better the Dilla and most of my decision to not say that is based on Dilla being dead. Now Dilla is dope of course but if I wanted I could take a bunch of hip hop producers and make the case that they have made better music then Dilla did overall. I think you and the other guy are caught up in production styles so you believe that the style of Madlib and Dilla automatically makes them better then everybody else? NO its does not. You could have a more intricate style then Kanye but if Kanye still make the better beat in the end then it is what it is. Madlib and Dilla had an influence on Just Blaze, Nottz and Kanye West etc Does that mean just because they influenced that their automatically better?

You do realize Alc, and 9th Wonder are underground acts to right? Many producers of late that you have seen in this generation and the previous, have been influenced by Madlib.

The way you are conveying your message begs me to believe J. Dilla, Eric B, Exile and the like are not important, because they were acts who were either underground are not all that well known. There is only one other producer who can flip a beat like Madlib and that is Dilla, you are seeing the last of a dying generation, and peeps like you think Premo can hold a candle to this guy!?

Listen to his catalog then evaluate. ALC and 9th Wonder are underground, and? If Madlib influenced them? Does that mean Madlib is better then everybody he influenced and better then every producer that influenced him?

I never said underground acts weren’t important but you just did. You say only Dilla can flip a beat like Madlib? I highly doubt that. I think other producers can flip a beat the same way if they wanted to but the choose not to because they have their own style. Kanye, Premo, Just Blaze, Nottz etc could do the same kinda beat as Dilla or Madlib if they wanted to but why?

They have their own style already. You talk about Dj Premier as if he’s wack compared to Madlib?

Homie I dont need to check Madlibs catalog cause I have damn near his whole catalog already but you may wanna check out Dj Premiers because once I said his name the conversation should been over. There is no way in hell Madlib is a greater producer the Premier and if thats true then Madlib has to have made more hip hop classics records then Premier which he has not. You talk as if Madlib is the greater then everybody but the only two people i’ve ever heard say that is you and that other fool I was talking to. I talk to any other fan of hip hip and ask them if Madlib is better then everybody else they gon say fuck no.

Just cause he’s dope don’t mean he is better then the legends of hip hop. Now as far as popularity goes and being well known? DJ Premier, Dr Dre, Kanye West are obviously more well known then Madlib, does that mean their ultimately better? NO but them being as well known as they are is evidence that their music is connecting with people.

This is why I brought up the point I did earlier about who’s fault is it if Madlib is unknown to somebody. If you take a fan of hip hop who has been listening to hip hop for the last 20 years and they dont know Madlib then who’s fault is that? Is it their fault for not checking everything that comes out from the underground or is it Madlibs fault for not making music they would check for?

The last guy said I was “snoozing” on Madlib? So is that my fault for snoozing or madlib’s fault for putting me to sleep with is music? Again Madlib is dope but is he greater then everybody else?

Read your previous post you equate being good with being known LOL! You said that, I corrected you being known does not have nothing to do with being influential. I could care less about Premo’s catalog, I have all his music and I am not foolish enough to say he is better than Madlib. ALC is not even better than any of them, he has about two or three real good albums I fuck with out of a sea of mediocrity LOL! I am not saying ALC is bad, but by all means he is limited.

I know longer have interest in this discussion, because you have some form of bias and I know longer care at the moment. I dont equate being good with being known.

I equate being good with being good. I dont think Premo is dope because he’s known, I think he’s dope because his beats are dope. YOU could care less about Premo’s catalog.

Well thats YOU. You say its foolish to say he’s better then Madlib but based on catalog it would seem more foolish to take your opinion as Madlib being better. Especially if we base that on classic material. Premo has so much to where I dont even think we could make a list of how many classic beats he has without forgetting some and clearly Madlib does not have the same kinda catalog. Madlib can be dope at making beats all day, but he is not better then ANY legendary Hip Hop producer. You say ALC is limited as if Madlib isnt limited.

You make Madlib sound like he’s used more techniques in beat making then Kanye West and Just Blaze? Well he has not.

I have heard all Madlibs shit and he also has an ocean of mediocre beats so you saying ALC has a sea of mediocrity does not make your argument about Madlib any better cause he has a shit load of beats thats mediocre and some that dont even have a rhythm in which any music can even be created upon. Madlib has a bunch of beats that ended up on instrumental projects cause niggas aint racing to his door for beats fool. Gibbs made a dope album with him but even he has said when he first got the beats he didnt even know if they could be used to make songs. Some would view that as being dope on Madlibs part? Others would say thats kinda wack. He does not have critical acclaimed success fool, so when Champion Sound dropped with him and Dilla nobody was checking for that, you must be daft because it was hailed as a classic, that put them both on the map and they both became bumps on Cartoon network’s Adult Swim.

I know YOU might not like him, but a whole fleet of people would disagree with you, because you are obviously misinformed about his catalog. He also delves into Jazz, and other genres of music which also have been excellent projects as well. I never diminished Premo, his most notable work is with Gang starr of course. This does not mean he is bad, but very basic when it comes to production, if I heard a Premo album in this day and age would I like it? Yes however, it would be very basic or average compared to someone like Madlib, whose obscure soul samples and snaring off kilter drum breaks can add for an ambient sound that other producers have been biting since the early 2000’s. The Kanye you love so much, fell over in a chair meeting him for the first time.

Super Utilities Pro 9 9 78 Incl Patch Keygen Crack on this page. You are taking a multi-faceted producer and bringing him down to the level of an amateur, and you think nigga’s would not call you out on that stupid shit! LOL Marty you just included some weak producers in with some obviously who are legendary. When J.Dilla was alive back in the day you would want production from either him or Madlib, this is case in point. Even Dilla himself acknowledges Madlibs prowess. He flips a beat much better than ALC no contest, he is a underground legend. Half the DJ’s you mentioned on the list cannot hold a candle to this guy. His Quasimoto alter-ego influenced many Mc’s in the hip-hop world my friend, you are obviously sleeping, if you think Madvillainy also did not showcase he was one of the best Hip-Hop producers to ever do it.

What weak producers you talking about? You talk about Dilla alot but just cause Dilla is dope does that mean I have to agree with everything he says?

When Dilla was alive I thought he was dope but I also thought there was other dope producers also. So If Dilla acknowledges Madib and I acknowledge Dr Dre, does that mean somehow Madlib is better then Dr Dre just cause Dilla acknowledged him? I dont think Madlib flips a beat better then ALC and even the times where he does I still think ALC ends up with the better songs. You also keep talking about how other producers cant fuck with Madlib or make a beat like Madlib? Id say thats maybe cause their focused on what their doing and not what Madlib is doing. If ALC was asked to make a beat like Madlib? Im sure he could but its no need to do that.

You keep talking about Madlib influencing people but what about those that influenced Madlib? You think Madlib aint get influence from DJ Premier? On and MC level, if Madlib influenced Elzhi, Eminem and Jay Electronica does that mean Madlib is a better rapper? Lowkey confused at what youre saying it came out in the wrong era? But then heads are stuck in the past? If heads are stuck in the past, and this should have come out in the past, then those same heads that are stuck in the past should love this albumright? Please explain without the contradictions.

Yes, the future is bright for the people who can understand the gravity of albums like this. As much as i hate to say it, projects like pinata are like releasing jazz standards in the disco era. It doesnt matter how great it is.

The golden era of jazz was lost to disco. Similar to how hiphop is lost to whatever hiphop has become (disco). The underground is where the real mc’s/beatmakers always have and always will be.