Allow installing a ps2 game from a usb stick to a ide hdd. Yes, but you can only play from usb stick or usb hdd with hd advance. I was wondering if would be possible to install from a usb stick or usb hdd.

Hdloader Install Games From Usb

Yes it is possible. You need the following items: 1. A PS2 (obvious) 2. A USB hard drive or an IDE hard drive in a USB enclosure 3. Some sort of mod that keeps the PS2 from knowing the drive is open. If you have a thick PS2 I recommend Slide Tray and if you have the slim PS2 I recommend either ghost switch or magic switch (all these mods are cheap).

USB Extreme or Advance (no difference except USB Advance is free) 5. If you selected USB Advance which you can download for free (just type it into google) you will need to be able to boot a backup disc by using one of the following: A modchip or an actual copy (no downloaded copy) of Swap Magic 6. Once you have everything you need to download the client software for usb extreme here: 7.

First, plug your USB drive into your computer and wait for it to load up 8. Start up the USB Extreme software (note: this can be used for USB Advance so don't worry), go to the disk format tab, select format, and then click the USB hard drive that you hooked up. Once that is done click on the games installer tab, select the cd/dvd drive that your PS2 game is in(which hopefully you have put in by this point), Tell the software whether it is a dvd or cd, select your USB hard drive, tell it the name of the game, and finally, hit start. The game installation could take a-while depending on the game but once it is done eject the USB drive from your computer (if you have write caching enabled) by clicking on the safely remove hardware tab in your icon tray and selecting the drive (this is very important because if you do have write caching enabled and you don't eject it this way you're entire game(s) will be erased from it).

Plug the drive into your PS2, if you used USB Advance and you don't have a modchip be sure to put the swap magic disc in first. Once you have USB Advance loaded up you should see your game on the list, select it and press play. If the game is compatable enjoy!

Slim ps2 (not modded) 2. 160g seagate hdd (brand new) 3. 3.5 hdd enclosure (brand new) After i started this thread i did some further reading on this forum. I had planned to buy usb extreme based on what i had read. If i purchase usb extreme is swap magic included? If not, is there any real advantage to buying usb extreme? I read some negative feedback on usb extreme.any comment?

Is it worth investing in a mod chip to eliminate the need for swap magic? If so can you reccomend a chip? Click to expand.Ahhh the to mod or not to mod question.

Well the choice there really depends on a couple of things the most important being. A.) Is your ps2 still under warranty and if so do you care to void it by opening up your system and installing the chip? B.) Do you feel confident in installing the chip yourself or paying someone else to install it for you and hope they don't rip you off? If you don't mind voiding your warranty (if you still have one that is) and can do it yourself or trust someone to do it for you then I personally would go that route as it's the most compatible method as long as you get a good chip (ie matrix infinity, DMS4 Lite/Pro.) but since you have a slim PS2 make [bold]SURE[/bold] you get the laser protection fixes installed as well. I can't recommend which chip you should get most ppl seem to use either the matrix infinty chip or the DMS4 series of chips but I can say I have seen more ppl having problems with the DMS4 chips then with the matrix chips on the slim ps2's and the DMS4 Pro usually cost more then the matrix chips because it has more ram on it 2mb on the DMS4 Pro vs 512k on the matrix infinity but if you don't plan on installing any homebrew apps on the chip itself then you won't need the extra ram thats on the DMS4 Pro chip.

Agagin I am not advocating either of them or saying these are the only chips you can use so I suggest you do a little legwork of your own and see which method is best for you and good luck. Yeah, a lot of people report that compatability blows with USB Extreme. As for slow loading times? It should be approximately the same speed as your PS2's DVD drive.

Slim PS2 DOES NOT come with USB 2.0 ports, it comes with USB 1.1 ports which have a max transfer speed of about 12Mbit/second (less than 2MB per second, which is just about the same speed as the PS2's disc drive) So basically, you don't get USB Extreme because it'll load faster. You get it to backup your games onto a hard drive, and to read them off of a hard drive in order to not have to use the discs.

********************************************************************** so if I install the hdd through the adapter, can I use the same software or do I have to install different software ********************************************************************** You will need different software. ********************************************************************** does anyone know what software do I have to buy or download in order to back up my games and play them through the hard drive ********************************************************************** You will need either HD Advance or HD Loader, HD Advance is better. If you have Swap Magic Disks you can download a copy (Don't ask me where I do not know). Holi Dj Mix Song Download 2012 more. Thanks for all the feedback. My last question has been only briefly touched on in this thread. When the discussion came around to hdavanced or hdloader it seems hdavanced is the preffered proggie. Which is better USBextreme or USBadvanced?

These proggies are cheap so the money isn't the real issue. I am putting together a b-day gift for my son and the software is all i have left to get.

Just wanna make sure i get the best. I realize i need swap magic, but which usb software is best? Thanks to all who replied. It's been very educational. I just google searched swap magic and their site says swap magic works in conjunction with a no solder mod chip.

So it seems that even using swap magic you need to mod the slim ps2. I am guessing their is no real advantage to using swap magic in that case. I might as well just break down and mod my sons slim ps2. There goes the 1.5 years of extended warranty i still have left. Any feedback is welcomed please.

Click to expand.They say that it [bold]can[/bold] work in conjunction with the mod chip, it is meant to be supported in case the mod chip doesn't do something right. But you by no means need a mod chip to use swap magic (you only need a modchip if you downloaded swap magic). My suggestion is that since the USB Hard Drive software is not in advanced stages I suggest you purchase Swap Magic 3.6 and download yourself a copy of USB Advance. Make sure you get version 3.6 because it can boot items off of a USB Hard drive so if you wanted to you could boot up the USB Advance software that has been saved onto the drive. Just my suggestion but the final say is yours!!!

Dream Day Wedding Activation Code Keygen. This is just a short tutorial for installing ps2 ISO or BIN/QUE images onto a usb hdd for using with the USBLD Loader found. You should keep all images for games in the C: directory (or similar) and the usb drive should also be in FAT32 format. First, unzip the to the C: drive Open the command prompt from Start->Run->cmd type 'cd ' to get back to c: type 'ui_install imagefile usbdrive 'nameofgame' mediatype' where: - imagefile is the directory for the image of the game to be copied - usbdrive is the drive letter for the usb hdd - 'nameofgame' is the label that will be associated with the imagefile - mediatype is the type of media which the image is copied from (i.e. CD or DVD) so for example, if i wanted to install marvel vs capcom 2 onto the USB hdd, i would type something like this: ui_install MARVEL_VS_CAPCOM2.bin G 'MvC2' CD.