We’re built for complex, multi-site, multi-technology deployments, but our decades in a wide array of industries and technologies gave us the experience to perform more demanding jobs with a narrower reach. We can be your army or your special ops team. Either way, you can trust IST with all your IT projects, as have many of the largest companies in the world. As a technology service company, IST understands the importance of using a rich IT ecosystem to enhance our business. We employ advanced database and call-tracking software to coordinate our resources in the field. We provide our field staff with a web portal for downloading or viewing all necessary technical documentation and service ticket information. The portal also allows them to upload completed service documentation (customer sign-offs, pictures, etc.) for import back into the database for quality review and confirmation.

Additionally, as Lead Technician I periodically visit my technicians while they are on jobs, giving you added assurance that a job will be done properly and. General Hardware Installation; General Wiring; hardware support; Imaging POS and PC's; insurance; IP Camera Systems; Javelin Register Systems; KFC POS installs. 219 Pos Installation Technician jobs available on Indeed.com. Field Technician, Computer Technician, Bench Technician and more!

Digital Menu Boards & Digital Signage Digital menu boards represent the fastest-growing segment of IST's installation business. Burger King—one of America's top restaurant chains—selected IST to install over 6000 of their Digital Menu Boards nationwide.

And we did it in under four months! Installation & Service Technologies is among the premier installers of digital signage in the restaurant and retail industries. Recent changes in menu board calorie-labeling laws are driving thousands of restaurants to go digital! And digital signage is rapidly becoming the most responsive channel to broadcast up-to-date marketing messages.

Javelin Pos Installation Jobs

When your equipment goes down, you need it repaired—fast. Our onsite labor contracts offer continuous, stress-free coverage. Labor-only maintenance service contracts cover unlimited onsite Break & Fix support We have repair technicians stationed across the country who are always ready right when you need them. We have a large team of service techs who are full-time employees of IST, ensuring the highest levels of proficiency and accountability. Each onsite technician is trained in-house in our state-of-the-art training center.

Maintenance Agreements Our Break & Fix Labor contracts guarantee that someone is always available to ensure all your locations are running smoothly. Per-incident repairs are unpredictable, and can be extremely costly in the long run. An IST onsite labor contract provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the health of your technology is in the most capable hands. IST is not a “one-for-all” solution. Our contract prices are based on the type and age of the equipment you want to insure.

Javelin Pos Installation Jobs

This flexibility allows you to get just the level of coverage you really need. We offer tiered maintenance program options covering the full spectrum from basic to comprehensive. We have something for every level of support you might need, so you can strike the perfect balance between cost and coverage. Time and Materials Service For our customers who do not have our onsite maintenance agreement or who require quality work that may be outside the scope of the maintenance agreement, we provide full service on a per-incident basis. To ensure uninterrupted service, we offer the following turnaround options: Advanced Swap Contracts For the highest level of assurance, IST offers advanced exchange contracts on certain technologies. For a flat monthly fee, you are guaranteed the most complete coverage available. The moment your hardware breaks, IST will ship you a working replacement, even before you send us your equipment for repair.

Your “spare is in the air” even before we receive your broken item. When you receive the replacement, just place the broken component in the box and return it. Depot Repair Contracts IST offers our standard depot repair contracts for a flat monthly fee. Once we receive your broken unit, we will repair your equipment within 72 hours and ship the working item back to you. My Traffic 2013 Fsx Crack Product here. Per-Item Repairs For locations with newer equipment, paying for repairs as they happen can be a more cost-effective alternative. IST offers our per-item customers the same exceptional quality, service, and care our contracted customers have come to expect.

Flexible Shipping Options For further flexibility, we allow you to choose from several turnaround and shipping options, to guarantee the ideal balance of service speed and cost. IST is an all-in-one service company, managing client needs from start to finish. We provide experienced project management through our Professional Services Department.

If a project management team is needed, we will assign one to be your single point of contact (SPOC) so that you may have the security of knowing there is one person, one team, dedicated to your project's success. For large-scale projects, our Professional Services team will evaluate the scope of work and assess our current resources against the needs of the project. Once the statement of work is approved by both parties, the SPOC then creates a project plan that will include all dates and deliverables. Each region involved in the project will then assess their available resources, assigning them as outlined in the project plan.

Your project manager is ultimately responsible for your complete satisfaction. He or she will work with each region to ensure sufficient staffing, maintain quality standards, and keep our field technicians armed with the most current information and updated processes and expectations. If additional resources are ever required, your SPOC is empowered to recruit technicians with the experience you need in the regions you need it. With the power to allocate field resources, scale your project as necessary, and create project-specific reports, your SPOC is given all the support necessary to manage your project smoothly and address all your concerns.

Your project manager will monitor calls and track reports to ensure the project is meeting quality standards and find new ways to improve processes and achieve a more successful project. S7 Know How Manager Keygen 2016 - And Reviews 2016 more. IST staffs an independent warehousing facility located in a secure, underground facility for maximum safety. We have the capacity to warehouse, stage, kit and ship to locations across the country. This shortens field installs and preempts costly mistakes.

For large rollouts, we have the resources at hand to create any an assembly line staging and kitting process of any size or complexity. This allows us to ensure all software installation and configuration is complete for each piece of hardware. And that each site receives the exact quantities required with all documentation and required cords, cables, and accessories.