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To download MACGOURMET SERIAL NUMBER, click on the Download button MacGourmet Deluxe version 3 will not register with a version 1 serial number. How do I know if my MacGourmet Deluxe serial number will work with version 3?

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Appendix A Backing Up Your MacGourmet Deluxe Data We can’t stress how critical it is to have a backup plan. While we can retrieve lost serial numbers, we can’t retrieve lost data due to hard drive failures or other such catastrophes. Files can be accidentally deleted, or corrupted too, so it’s always a good idea to make copies of your information from time to time. If you are someone who updates your recipes daily, you may want to consider backing up your data even more frequently. There are two components of MacGourmet Deluxe that should be backed up: The MacGourmet4Database.mgdatabase file This is the file you created the first time you ran MacGourmet Deluxe 4.

If you chose to put it in Documents, and you regularly back up that folder using something like the Apple Backup application, your information will get saved. If you put it somewhere else, make sure you add this file to whatever backup plan you have. The MacGourmet Deluxe Application Support folder This folder stores things you’ve added to MacGourmet Deluxe, like themes, etc. If you don’t use something like Backup, make sure you add the folder Library/ Application Support/MacGourmet Deluxe in your home directory to your backup plan.

The application file itself will always be available from our servers, so you can back that up, but it’s not critical. Changing the Location of Your MacGourmet Deluxe Data By default, your library is found in the “Documents” location on your hard drive. To change this location (not recommended), open Preferences and navigate to the Advanced tab. Next press the “Change.” button and select the folder that you would like to use to store your MacGourmet4Database.mgdatabase file.

Make sure that this folder is read/write for any user that will be using MacGourmet Deluxe. Note that this location is the folder that will CONTAIN the 96 A.