Need For Speed Shift Free Download Full Version

Need for Speed Shift is a new title in the NFS series from EA. The publisher for this is Electronic Arts and it has been released and available on platforms like PC, XBOX360 and PlayStation 3. This focuses more on simulation and arcade genres together rather than just focusing on the arcade style like predecessors in the NFS series. The gap between arcade and simulator is a pretty big and it is rare indeed that manages to appeal to both the casual and hardcore simulator fan. If you are looking to get this then you get Need for Speed Shift free download on this page.

Need For Speed Shift Free Download Full Version

Unlike other NFS games you won’t find any storyline here. The only thing you have to do is win races, more and more of them.

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It has an interesting way of getting you into the game. Your first task is to complete a test lap where a BMW M3 is waiting for you at the start line. It is your objective to get around the circuit as quickly as possible. While you are driving Shift’s AI assesses your driving style and skills in detail and then it recommends what difficulty settings suits you better. This feature allows players to quickly get into the races without having to work on what difficulty settings they want. At the end of this page you are given NFS Shift free download, go to the end to get it. After completing the test lap you are allowed to buy your first car from the main menu.

You have to make a good selection amongst the given cars like the Renault Megane Sport RS, Volkswagen Scirocco and Mazda RX8. Need for Speed Shift PC download is given on this page look for it at the end. When you start with the career, you will be asked to race a lap and it will be used as a indicator for your car’s settings. After you have done this lap, you will be thrown into the ‘NFS Live World Series’.

Here you have to race in each event and earn stars which in turn earns money, and helps to unlock new races. The detailed map and GPS systems lead you to the race location in the game. Keep reading or go to the end to get Need for Speed Shift free download. Download Program To Hide Ip Address.

The available cars are divided into 4 tiers and there are 60+ cars to choose from. Each tier represents different classes of the cars. There are plenty of customization to go after in this game these not only include the looks of the cars but also cater to the performance options.

Performance option that are used to fine tune your cars include alignment, aerodynamics, tires, brakes, differential, gear settings and also an option for getting most out of your nitrous. When you start, tracks will be easy to ride on, and when you climb up the ladder the difficulty will be increased a lot with the most technical tracks thrown at you, you also will be gives cars of high caliber.

If you lose in any of the races there only one way you will go and that is to the bottom of the pile of racers. The fast will keep yo interested for longer periods of time and keep the fun part intact with it.

If you are wondering where and how to download NFS Shift then just go to the bottom of this post and you will find it. This time developers made an extra effort to put everything in right place that includes the view from inside the car which adds more realism to the game. The tracks are the exact copy of the real ones.

The racing environment and the noisy crowd add extra spice to the real time effect. When you are in cockpit, the outside view looks simply awesome and breath taking while on speed over 150+ mph. During race if you slam the brakes on too hard near a corner, your steering locks up just as it would happen in real life and you will find yourself balancing tires from the wall on your bonnet.

Need for Speed Shift Free Download Following the racing line is essential to get round those corners quickly and smoothly so this is definitely one portion of the game that is very simulator like. The damage models are also extremely detailed with the added benefit that you can have visible damage that’s not actually affecting the performance. Now talking about the graphics, it disappoints, as you always expect more from such a big franchise. But still the cars look great and detailed. The tracks are well designed.

The visual effects are entertaining. The sounds are realistic and you will not get bored even after a long ride. The Philadelphia Experiment Torrent Jazz Guitar on this page. The music tracks are well mixed like always. Overall the game is very much impressive compared to the previous versions in the series. Following link gives you the free download of NFS shift for PC.

Free Download Game Need for Speed: Shift Full Version Gratis for PC direct single link crack compressed repack work. Need for Speed: Shift adalah angsuran ketiga belas dan reboot kedua balap video game franchise Need for Speed, diterbitkan oleh Electronic Arts.

Game PC Gratis Ini diumumkan pada bulan Desember 2008 sebagai bagian dari pengumuman tiga pertandingan yang mencakup Need for Speed: Nitro dan Need for Speed: World. Shift dikembangkan oleh Slightly Mad Studios dalam hubungannya dengan EA Black Box dan diterbitkan oleh Electronic Arts.

Dalam model waralaba baru untuk seri diadopsi oleh EA, shift mengambil tempatnya berfokus pada simulasi / arcade balap daripada balap arcade judul sebelumnya dalam seri. Menurut EA, game telah terjual 4 juta kopi pada semua platform gabungan. Pergeseran itu sukses secara komersial, dan diikuti oleh sekuel,, pada tahun 2011.