PTMG Mod For GTA San Andreas What is it? PTMG Mod For GTA San Andreas will let you customize the way you play SA with in the game. Just like many PC mods for SA you can now do all that on your PS2.

So far PTMG is at version 2.1 and staying that way. I have yet to find any other info on the coder for the mod about making further instalments of the mod. Note: sents the mod was wrightin in Portuguese a ruff translation was made for English readers. As of now v2.1 is incomplete with in the menu of PTMG v2.1 so many bugs are found and many mods can not be used or do not function correctly when using the English translation. However if you can understand Portuguese lang. Then you will have no problem playing the mod with the stock patch as all menu's and mods will work for you in v2.1.

With that said I would suggest v2.0 of PTMG for the few of use that speak just English as the mod menu is complete and I have yet to find any problems with v2.0 when played as I did with v2.1. With this you can: Spawn any vehicle at any time Spawn any weapon at any time Watch any vid with in the game at any time Go to any mission with in the game at any time Customize CJ with many different skins and accessories at any time Change the weather or time of day at any time Customize your vehicles at any time (as well as boost and Hydro's) v2.1 has CJ superman mod installed (lets you fly across the map like superman & has special powers) Plus many other things. What you will have to do before play: You will need to start with a fresh game save. If you have a save already on your MC then you will have to delete it or just make sure the MC is not in slot 1 one playing with the mod.

You will ither need to have ESR or HDL or a modchip to play this as the ISO will have to be rebuild and burned to a DVD. How to play: Its relitivly easy as its just like San Andreas exsept now you will have to wait about 1min or so for the mod to load (this will not happen if you previsly played the mod and saved the game) Once the game starts and you finish the FMV at being at the airport you will be in front of a bicycle (DO NOT GET ON ANY VEHICALS OR THE BICYCLE~AS THIS WILL FREEZE THE GAME). YOU MUST HOLD UP (on D-pad) & R2 TO START THE MOD Once this has been done the mod will load and you will have to wait for the mod to finish loading (Images in the background will have info regarding the mod however the lang. Is in Portuguese) After the mod is loaded you will return to the spot that you where at before you started the mod. From here HOLD UP (on D-pad) & R2.

Crack Self Extracting Exe Password Protector. A menu will now be in front of your eyes and there you have it. For the menu you can do many things. Make sure you check out everything with in the menu before you begin play. NOTE: the only way to save a game is ither in CJ's homes or to save with in the moded menu.

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Ptmg V2 And V2.1 Patch For Gta San Andreas