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There are no cheat codes for RE4 since it is a direct port of the Gamecube and PS2, which did not have any cheats. You just have to beat the game. Or you could just find a save file and play off of that.

OR, you can run these small programs called 'trainers' that enable you to cheat in games, where you normally couldn't. But I am not gonna tell you how or where to find them (I could get myself in trouble).

This will make it so that the game will show PS buttons everywhere in the game in place of the 360 buttons. How to install this mod 1. Paste the included files into the 'Resident Evil 4' folder (Your 'Resident Evil 4' folder should look like the below image when you do) 2. Игры Для Телефона Htc Evo 3d. Run the included 'Install Buttons.bat'.

Very frustrating which is why I quit playing. If I remember correctly it was ported from PS2 and no mouse contol options. I feel your pain. Might have been fun if they would have patched a mouse option for keyboard config. I Found this quote on line when searching for updated issues on RE4 and PC.

Resident Evil 4 Pc Better Controls ModResident Evil 4 Pc Better Controls Mod

' pc version made it worst game ever, i mean MY f***ING GOD, u cant even move AND shoot, and worse of all NO MOUSE CONTROL, do u really expect pc users to forget their mouse and move back to the 80s and grab a pad. Insult to all resident evil fans....hope its much better on console'.

Hey guys, i have resident evil 4 on pc, and recently installed my sixaxis on my pc to use as a game pad, the controller works BUT resi 4 doesn't let me change the button layout? In fact it doesn't even tell u what any of the buttons really do, is there any way i can change the buttons layout in resi 4? You can change it, but only before you enter the game. Also, since most of the buttons are numbered 1 to 10, which is pretty meaningless when your up against a button prompt, here's the which should be alright with your sixaxis.