Product Specifications Analog Sensor Inputs 8 single ended 0-2.5 or 0-5 VDC, with Auto ID sensor option. 2 24BIT matched millivolt level solar radiation sensor inputs. 3 channels PT-100 RTD temperature inputs. 24BIT, 4-wire.

Instruction manual for use of temperature and RH logger S3631 Logger is. Interrupted even if data download appears. Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85 92 Rar Files. If data logger is. (serial port) by means of.

Serial Port Data Logger Comet

Counter Inputs 2 wind speed counters (frequency selectable as low range, high range,or low AC millivolt) 1 rain gauge channel (de-bounced switch closure) Digital Sensor Inputs 1 digital sensor, up to 8 parameters. RS232 or RS485. Supported Met One Instruments, Inc. Digital sensors include but are not limited to: AIO 2, MSO-232, 597, TACMET II Voltage Outputs 12 voltage output channels 16 bits unipolar 5.000VDC full scale (Can be scaled to 1.000 or 2.500 VDC full scale) +/- 4 millivolts accuracy (of expected reading). Alarm Outputs 2 alarm channels with N.O.

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