Log In to View GeoFacts Please log in to view GeoFacts for U.S. Census Bureau ZIP Code Tabulation Area 3-Digit Prefix: State: is in the northeastern part of in the south atlantic United States Neighboring ZIP Code Prefixes to:,,,,, Latitude/Longitude of (Centroid): 547393, -264248 Show on Map Bounding Box of (NWSE): 30.829924, -83.37089, 29.650416, -81.207949 Show on Map Dimensions of: is 128.3 miles wide and 81.5 miles tall Land Coverage: 4,599.9 sq. Cara Download Clash Of Clans Hack Tool Di Pc. Miles (97%) Water Coverage: 130.4 sq.

Miles (3%) Total Land and Water Area Covered by: 4,730.3 sq. Miles Population of (2010 Census): 598,296 Density of (2010 Census): 149,574.00 / sq. Housing Units in (2010 Census): 259,172 People per House in: 2.3 U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: ZIP Code Prefixes Neighboring The following ZIP Code Prefixes are next to: •.

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